I must admit to being a lifelong jigsaw fan, and although I rarely do them these days, I still find it impossible to resist when I see a part-completed jigsaw on someone’s table. Experts will probably tell you that jigsaws are good for developing children’s fine motor skills (using their fingers to manipulate the pieces) [...]

How many days until Christmas – or how many sleeps? What’s the difference? “How many sleeps” sounds a bit childish but it’s far less confusing than how many days. Why?  It’s the old fencepost problem – so popular in maths questions and quizzes. Look at the timeline below for the 21st to the 25th of [...]

Christmas Tree Decorations

Bringing out the tree decorations each year is one of life’s pleasures. They are reminders of earlier Christmases and younger days. A slightly battered or scratched decoration with treasured memories attached is better than having all sterile new ones. Like anything a combination works – gradually culling the ones in worst condition while bringing in [...]

Christmas Craft Books and Materials

Booktopia complete Australian-owned online-only bookshop with an enormous range of books, ebooks, DVDs and audio books. Save money with their flat rate postage for delivery around Australia no matter how many books you buy. See all their books with a Christmas theme 0to5.com.au which is about education and development of young children, there are  free [...]

Christmas Flowers on the Verge

Are you a bit over suburban Christmas light displays with their desperate rivalry and waste of so much plastic and electricity. The idea is good enough, walking your neighbourhood to view the displays is good for community, but it has all got so far out of hand.  Time to step back at assess what we [...]