Christmas in July

Christmas in July parties have become popular in Australia – not just with northern hemisphere expats but also Aussies who grow up with that divide between the winter Christmases in films, songs and books and our mid-summer visits from an overheated Santa.

Christmas in July has always been all about sharing food and less about gifts so it’s a good practice for December – and a good time to start conversations with friends and family about what sort of Christmas you want to have.

A Trial of a Climate-friendly Christmas

Presence not Presents

Agree on a rule for gifts. It could be…

  • no gifts
  • gifts only for children under a certain age
  • home-made or home-grown gifts only
  • vouchers for a service (eg a course, a haircut, tickets to a show)
  • personal vouchers (babysitting, gardening, )

Go light on the alcohol

Christmas for many is a time of over-indulgence and we all know that leads to regrets. Ensure that there are plenty of alternatives.

Cater for all tastes

In any group expect to have vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters. The best way to deal with this is a buffet with a good range of dishes and allow people to mix and match. Ask everyone up front if they have any special requirements including allergies and foods they avoid.

Bulk it up with roast vegetables – these go just as well with salads as they do with meat and gravy.

Talk about the experience

This is the perfect setting to chat about what’s important to you about Christmas. You’ve created the focus on Christmas without the pressures of time.

Talk about what each person thinks is unnecessary and can be left out. What can be adapted into a new tradition. What you really want to keep.

Consider changes you want to make before Christmas and how these might affect it.
Will you replace the Christmas lights outside with a flowering garden. Planning to replace a car with e-bikes raises a whole range of gifts ideas.