Stocking Fillers Australia 2021

For many, it’s going to be a budget Christmas and as we look at places to cut back, the silly novelty gifts come under scrutiny – perhaps we should leave them out and spend our resources on more serious, worthy, useful gifts…

Don’t go too far though! Make your cuts elsewhere.  Buy a bit less food because everyone eats too much anyway, and some gets wasted. Buy a bit less drink, get merry and have giggling fits playing with these novelties instead.

You can also include sensible gifts as stocking fillers – packets of seeds to inspire some gardening, kitchen gadgets, stationery, books, small items of clothing, hair and grooming accessories, socks and knickers, snack treats.

And make it a very merry, silly Christmas full of laughter and fun.

Christmas Stocking Fillers

  • AFL! AFL Footy  Shop has lots of scarves, socks, beanies, balls, puppy puppets and other products for AFL fans. You’ll find Official AFL Merchandise Products for all 18 teams.
  • All ages! Gifts Australia is based in Sydney and delivers Australia-wide. They have an extensive range of gifts and experience vouchers. Check out their Kris Kringle gifts for ideas. Free and premium gift cards and gift wrapping.
  • Quality! Toy Playhouse has lots of good quality toys to suit babies to around 10 years old. Based in melbourne and delivers Australia-wide.

Some Gift Suggestions