Secret Santa Ideas 2019

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*Christmas Secret Santa Gifts & Novelties

It can be a challenge to find something different for Secret Santa gifts for school or office – especially if you want to avoid plastic gimmicks that will end up in landfill.

Here are some fun Secret Santa gift ideas for less than $50 – and many less than $20…

  • Coolthings  has lots of cool novelty gifts from gadgets and gizmos to brain bending puzzles including some wooden puzzles. They accept all major credit cards and electronic funds transfer. Based in Launceston, Tasmania with free gift wrapping and flat-fee delivery Australia wide.
  • AFL Footy  Shop has lots of clothing, balls, accessories and other products for AFL fans. You’ll find Official AFL Merchandise Products for all 18 teams. Lots of accessories and novelties for sports fans.
  • Adrenaline – adventure and experience vouchers for Skydiving, V8 Race Cars, Rally Driving, Hot Air Ballooning, Jet Packs and more. Sort by price and you'll find lots of options less than $50
  • Classbento – fun, creative, and recreational courses for individuals and groups in most capital cities.
  • QBD Books buy online at Australia's largest Australian owned and operated book retailer. You can now click and collect at their bookstores in all Australian capital and some regional cities. Check out their extensive range of books, some at massive discount prices. Their website also lets you select by price within each category which makes it easier to fit within your Secret Santa Budget

Shopping Suggestions

Wind Up Racing PoosWind Up Racing Poos
Wind Up Racing Poos. CoolThings Australia. If you're after something more fun than the runs, these Wind Up Racing Poos are just what you need for your poo racing pleasure. Wind them up and off they go, racing and roaring their way to the toilet (or at least the designated finish line)! from

Doctor Who 1st to 6th Doctor Nesting Doll SetDoctor Who 1st to 6th Doctor Nesting Doll Set
Doctor Who 1st to 6th Doctor Nesting Doll Set. CoolThings Australia. Take yourself back in time as you revisit the original incarnations of the Doctor – all the original Doctors are back! In this set you will receive 6 different Doctors. Colin Baker's version of the Doctor is the largest and each reduces in size down to the smallest (William Hartnell's version is the tiniest) and all are designed to stack inside each other. from

Grumpy Old Man Desk SignGrumpy Old Man Desk Sign
Grumpy Old Man Desk Sign. Say What. I bet you never dreamed that one day you'd become a grumpy old man. But here you are! Or maybe you're looking for a gift for a grouchy old man, but don't know how far to push the boundaries. This Grumpy Old Man Desk Sign gets straight to the point. It's ideal for even the grumpiest of grouches! from

3D Tin Robot Crystal Puzzle3D Tin Robot Crystal Puzzle
3D Tin Robot Crystal Puzzle. Kinato. Assemble the 39 translucent plastic pieces to create your nostalgic Tin Robot and display him proudly in your home. The results are simply outstanding! It is enjoyable to build, challenging to complete and very impressive with its shiny, glittery finish! from

Oscar the Grouch Talking ButtonOscar the Grouch Talking Button
Oscar the Grouch Talking Button. First of all, if you want to be a grouch, you have to stop being so nice and cute. You've got to learn to frown! Let everyone know how you really feel with this one-of-a-kind desktop button featuring Oscar's grouchy green face. Playing 5 of Oscar's signature phrases from straight from Sesame Street, you can tell your mates to "Scram"! from

ChatterMate SlothChatterMate Sloth
ChatterMate Sloth. CoolThings Australia. Who knew that sloths could be so chatty? This happy ChatterMate Sloth is insanely adorable! He bops up and down with excitement as he records your voice and repeats it back to you in his own endearing high-pitched voice! His long arms are perfecting for wrapping you up tight, simply turn him on or off using the switch on his underside at night! from

The Original Potty PianoThe Original Potty Piano
The Original Potty Piano. Big Mouth Toys. The Original Potty Piano features 13 keys that allow you to drown out the less pleasant noises that often resonate in the lavatory. It even comes with a bonus song book with applicable hits like "twinkle, twinkle little star!". from

Usborne: Noisy Christmas by Sam TamplinUsborne: Noisy Christmas by Sam Tamplin from QBD
Very little children will have great fun pressing the buttons for the Christmas tunes including Deck the halls with boughs of holly, The Holly and the Ivy, Silent Night, Jingle Bells, We wish you a merry Christmas. ISBN: 9780746097830 Author(s): Sam Tamplin

Fitzroys Storm GlassFitzroys Storm Glass
Fitzroys Storm Glass. CoolThings Australia. The Fitzroy's Storm Glass is one of those unusual yet amazing little things that you happen to stumble across from time to time. Put simply, it is a fancy bit of science that will help you to accurately predict the kind of weather that is looming on the horizon! from

The Affirmation Button 3 PackThe Affirmation Button 3 Pack
The Affirmation Button 3 Pack. CoolThings Australia. The more often you use encouraging words, the quicker you'll lift self-esteem, see new opportunities and feel empowered! What better way to achieve this than with The Affirmation Button 3 Pack! from

The Compound of Satisfaction MugThe Compound of Satisfaction Mug
The Compound of Satisfaction Mug. CoolThings Australia. Yasss, a word used to express extreme excitement or satisfaction, usually followed by a fist pump! The Compound of Satisfaction Mug promises 100% satisfaction guaranteed, Yas! It's colourful, bold and absolutely gratifying, you'll be turning heads on your coffee break! from

Captain America Shield CufflinksCaptain America Shield Cufflinks
Captain America Shield Cufflinks. CoolThings Australia. Introducing the all new Captain America Shield Cufflinks. While not strictly approved by Dr. Abraham Erskine, the inventor of the Super Soldier Serum, please be warned that these Cufflinks might exhibit side effects to anyone who attaches them to their favourite shirt. Side effects may include: Strength, Agility, Endurance, Speed, and Reflexes superior to any Olympic-level athlete. from

Angry Face Stress BallAngry Face Stress Ball
Angry Face Stress Ball. CoolThings Australia. Squeeze out your anger and frustration with an Angry Face Stress Ball. He may look aggressive, but this lightweight spherical masterpiece is just what you need to relieve stress and tension. from

4 Sculpture Pack Creagami 3D Origami Kit4 Sculpture Pack Creagami 3D Origami Kit
4 Sculpture Pack Creagami 3D Origami Kit. CreativaMente. Begin your 3D Origami journey with the creative creatures in this 4 Sculpture Pack Creagami 3D Origami Kit! These amazing modular origami critters require no glue to assemble. Simply follow the rules of Japanese origami art! All the pre-cut card pieces are included for assembling all 4 sculptures. They are all marked with easy-to-follow folding lines! Use your fine motor skills to fold the cards into small, repetitive triangular modules that slot together to build your 3D sculptures. Then, follow the online tutorial video to connect them together piece by piece until they hold together securely! from

The Affirmation ButtonThe Affirmation Button
The Affirmation Button. CoolThings Australia. Words of affirmation are an everyday choice, a choice that we make with our thoughts and feelings. So it's time to think positive with The Affirmation Button! It has 10 pre-recorded affirmations to get you through your day! from

Peppa Pig: Peppa's Christmas Fun Sticker Activity Book by VariousPeppa Pig: Peppa's Christmas Fun Sticker Activity Book by Various from QBD
Peppa, George and all their friends are celebrating Christmas. ISBN: 9780241200414 Author(s): Various

3D Glass Shoe Crystal Puzzle3D Glass Shoe Crystal Puzzle
3D Glass Shoe Crystal Puzzle. Kinato. Did you lose your Glass slipper at the ball? Well this one won't fit on your foot, but this plastic shoe, just like the one worn by Cinderella, will look great on your mantelpiece once assembled! from

Salt Water Spider KitSalt Water Spider Kit
Salt Water Spider Kit. CoolThings Australia. Some of you may fear them, but children seem to be intrigued by them! Spiders can provoke so many different emotions and this award-winning large scale spider is sure to do just that! from

The Element of Delight MugThe Element of Delight Mug
The Element of Delight Mug. CoolThings Australia. from

Doctor Who 7th to 12th Doctor Nesting Doll SetDoctor Who 7th to 12th Doctor Nesting Doll Set
Doctor Who 7th to 12th Doctor Nesting Doll Set. CoolThings Australia. Taking regeneration to a whole new level is this Doctor Who 7th to 12th Nesting Doll Set. In this set you will receive 6 different Doctors. Peter Capaldi's version of the Doctor is the largest and each reduces in size down to the smallest (Sylvestor McCoy's version is the tiniest) and all are designed to stack inside each other. Now you can have all your favourite Doctors nearby, and even re-enact the regeneration process! from

Finger Cats Finger Puppets 4 PackFinger Cats Finger Puppets 4 Pack
Finger Cats Finger Puppets 4 Pack. Archie McPhee. Now you can have four mischievous cats at your fingertips! Your Finger Cats Finger Puppets 4 Pack is perfect for your next animal puppet show. Surprise your friends and family with your new cat companions coming in four beautiful breeds! from

The NO ButtonThe NO Button
The NO Button. CoolThings Australia. The designers of the NO Button are parents who like you seemed to be repeating the same things to their kids over and over. They dreamt of a button that would just say it for them. Eventually they noticed that "no" is the most often used phrase followed by "clean your room." so they designed this button that would say the no's for them. from

Inflatable Antler Ring TossInflatable Antler Ring Toss
Inflatable Antler Ring Toss. Blue Sky Studios. A game of Inflatable Antler Ring Toss is the perfect way to break the ice at your next Christmas party. Get into the festive spirit as you race to hook a ring over your reindeer's antlers or play for holiday prizes! Simply blow up the vinyl antlers, elect your “Rudolph” and attach the headpiece using the chin strap! from

The Element of Denial MugThe Element of Denial Mug
The Element of Denial Mug. CoolThings Australia. This Element of Denial Mug is a light-hearted and fun way of letting someone know they need to face the truth and confront their fears. Go on, have a playful jab at someone you love, we're sure they'll thank you for it. from

The Element of Realisation MugThe Element of Realisation Mug
The Element of Realisation Mug. CoolThings Australia. You wouldn't know it, because it's not actually hiding in the periodic table of elements, but The Element of Realisation is indeed, real. In fact, it's been given the scientific symbol of Ah – often recognisable in the non-scientific world as "ah ha", "I see" or "yep, I'm with you!". The Element of Realisation Mug may be pure scientific silliness, but it's the perfect gift for those who have daily mental moments. from

Worlds Okayest Boss Desk SignWorlds Okayest Boss Desk Sign
Worlds Okayest Boss Desk Sign. Say What. The "Worlds Okayest Boss" Desk Sign will let them know that they're not too bad in your books, but they're not too great either! A great gag gift to get a rise out of your head honcho. from

3D The Thinker Crystal Puzzle3D The Thinker Crystal Puzzle
3D The Thinker Crystal Puzzle. Kinato. Discover the 3D "The Thinker" Crystal Puzzle by assembling 43 differently shaped transparent pieces! Often used to represent philosophy and knowledge, The Thinker portrays a man sitting on a rock, chin on hand, deep in thought. Work from the bottom up, putting your model together piece by piece. It's not as easy as it looks, some parts are virtually identical! from

5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot
5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot. CoolThings Australia. In the world we live in today, children not only need to be able to use technology but to develop it! And what better way to learn about basic programming than with a physical coding robot that acts out your commands in the real world! This clever 5 in 1 Mechanical Coding Robot introduces you to a new concept of coding, without a computer or app! from

The Element of Humour MugThe Element of Humour Mug
The Element of Humour Mug. CoolThings Australia. Ah the periodic table, that complicated chart on the wall of the science lab. Have you ever considered making chemistry come alive with the ultimate elements in life, humour and fun? The Element of Humour Mug makes light of science by creating it's very own element "Ha", the element of humour. from

The Element of Surprise MugThe Element of Surprise Mug
The Element of Surprise Mug. CoolThings Australia. Typically described as the unexpected or surprising nature of something, the element of surprise has been given the scientific symbol "Oh". Often pronounced "Ohhhh…" when making a shocking or unexpected discovery, this Element of Surprise Mug is perfect for your science lair! from

Snoopy and Woodstock Crystal PuzzleSnoopy and Woodstock Crystal Puzzle
Snoopy and Woodstock Crystal Puzzle. Kinato. By assembling the interlocking pieces of this puzzle, you can complete your very own Snoopy and Woodstock characters! That is, if they don't send you round the bend with frustration first! from

Desktop Duck ShootDesktop Duck Shoot
Desktop Duck Shoot. CoolThings Australia. Roll up, roll up, and try your luck at this Desktop Rubber Band Duck Shooting Game! from