Make Your Own Christmas Crackers & Bons Bons

Whether you call them Christmas Crackers or Bons Bons, they are one of the main things that say Christmas. In our family, the pulling of the crackers, donning hats that are always too big for some and too small for others, comparing worthless and badly-made trinkets, and reading out the dreadful jokes is a tradition.

But I always balk at the expense of buying them in the shops. So much packaging and so little content.

Time to make your own.

You can save the cores of kitchen rolls and toilet rolls for the centre and use left over wrapping paper and ribbons to make your own. If you really want the bang there is a link below to a shop that sells the rolls and snaps.

A great alternative to including hats is to make it a rule that everyone has to make their own hat and wear it on the day. Christmas bonnets, if you like.

Then it’s time to get really creative with your novelties and jokes. Yes, novelties and jokes are all obligatory.

If you’re going to spend anything on novelties, you might as well spend it well on something that you’d buy otherwise. Time to visit the toyshops – some suggestions below.