Christmas Recipes

Christmas Recipes – Christmas Dinner

Few cooks want to turn the oven on to bake a traditional dinner on a hot Australian Christmas Day. Many Australians turn to barbecues, cold meats or shellfish and salads as an alternative. Unfortunately the heat raises the danger of food-poisoning if these foods are not well stored.  This is what we at ChristmasCountdown have for our Christmas Dinner…

Our Stress-free Aussie Christmas Lunch/Dinner

  • Leg(s) of lamb cooked long and slow in an electric frypan (no oven!) or in the Weber. Add some herbs (fresh rosemary, oregano, or dried mixed herbs) and some whole garlic cloves. The meat should be cooked enough to fall off the bone and is very tasty
  • Salads, Feta cheese, Olives, Dressing
  • Rice (cooked plain or with cinnamon and cloves – goes well and soaks up the dressing nicely)
  • Fresh Bread or Garlic Bread

This allows our cook to put the lamb on early and join in the festivities. Just before lunch, make the salads and place serving bowls on the table/worktop for everyone to help themselves (no table service in our house) then sit around the table (inside or outside) and enjoy a hot meal, not too heavy and good for you. Self serve means less work for the cook and everyone gets to decide their own proportions. No dramas if there are one or two extras. The left-over meat makes a lovely curry for Boxing Day.

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