Christmas Carols, Music and Books

Carols, songs, movies and poems are part of the fabric of Christmas — creating the atmosphere, encouraging us to share language and laughter. Christmas-themed books, CDs, DVDs and sheet music become keepsakes that come out year after year. They provide activities and entertainment at Christmas parties and also make great gifts and stocking fillers.

Can you work out these Anagrams of Christmas Carols?

1 Amen Again Awry
2 Linen Tights
3 O Search, Set, Trim
4 Officemate Lull Ahoy
5 Chase Ancestral Mouse
6 Stolen Wit
7 Grim Twits Misinform – A Headache
8 Red Toothy Jowl
9 Idiosyncratic Oven Lady
10. Dates Which Helped Shrew

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