Christmas Gifts for Climate Change

Every family will have at least one member who is concerned about climate change and consumerism – and another who loves seeing lots of presents under the tree. How do you negotiate this divide?

Here are some gift ideas for so you can have your gifts without the conflict, and to bring you closer together on the issue.

  • Edible Blooms – have attractive live plant gifts. Their Christmas range includes succulents, herbs and Australian Woolly bushes. Delivery all around Australia, express delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide Inner Metro.
  • Booktopia complete Australian-owned online-only bookshop with an enormous range of books, ebooks, DVDs and audio books. Their e-books use the Kobo app. Readers also available in the store.
  • Kitchen Style – give kitchenware or bakeware as the gift to encourage self-sufficiency, or use them as attractive and no-waste containers for some of your own home made produce.