Christmas Countdown 2022

Do you want to make this Christmas a special time?

Do you want urgent action on climate change and less waste?

Here we explore ways of bringing these two goals together – and have a caring, sharing, greener Christmas. It will be just as much fun – maybe more.

Together we will make Christmas 2022 a climate-positive celebration and give our children and ourselves a cleaner, fairer future.

We’ll leave behind the over-commercialisation of Christmas with all that single-use trivia and careless waste. And avoid the regret of spending more than we should simply because that’s what has become expected.

Christmas 2022 is our reset.

Instead of buying and giving “stuff” this Christmas, we will give our time and attention. Fewer but better gifts that make a lasting difference.

And that takes a bit of planning – so let’s start now.

Christmas in June and July parties have become popular in Australia – not just with northern hemisphere expats but also Aussies who grow up with that divide between the winter Christmases in films, songs and books and our mid-summer visits from an overheated Santa.

Christmas in July is all about food and less about gifts so it’s a good practice for December – and a good time to start conversations with friends and family about what sort of Christmas you want to have.

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