Gifts & Hampers

Books with a Christmas Theme for Children

Delight your children with special books and CDs with a Christmas theme. Some of us grew up with Christmas annuals but now there are lots of picturebooks for young children with all sorts of Christmassy themes.  They work as gifts, stocking fillers and can be kept to be part of your family traditions. Here are [...]

Christmas Cards & Calendars

The practice of sending Christmas cards to all and sundry has died which is not necessarily a bad thing.  All those dead trees to send cards with impersonal messages and make people feel guilty that they hadn’t sent one back. Now we tend to keep in touch online and we send fewer but more meaningful [...]

Christmas Carols, Music and Books

Carols, songs, movies and poems are part of the fabric of Christmas — creating the atmosphere, encouraging us to share language and laughter. Christmas-themed books, CDs, DVDs and sheet music become keepsakes that come out year after year. They provide activities and entertainment at Christmas parties and also make great gifts and stocking fillers. Can [...]

Christmas Gifts – How, not What.

As how you give becomes more prominent, the volume and value of the gift(s) becomes less important. Where, and when, do you open your Christmas gifts?

Christmas Gifts for Climate Change

Every family will have at least one member who is concerned about climate change and consumerism – and another who loves seeing lots of presents under the tree. How do you negotiate this divide? Here are some gift ideas for so you can have your gifts without the conflict, and to bring you closer together [...]

Christmas Hampers 2019

Christmas hampers are one of the most popular gifts. A good hamper provides a feeling of luxury and plenty… and you get that by concentrating on quality rather than quantity. A few good-quality, branded items are worth much more than lots of anonymous stuff that you’d never buy for itself and which invariably sits in [...]

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers for online stores add a lot of flexibility to gift giving. Most shops offer automated vouchers which means you can buy them at the very last minute. For the gift recipient, it means they can choose what they want at a time that suits them. Here are some online stores with direct links [...]

Gifts for Staff

Small and large corporate gifts, including food hampers and experience vouchers to suit all ages and tastes.

Jigsaws – Simple Toys or Lessons in Life?

I must admit to being a lifelong jigsaw fan, and although I rarely do them these days, I still find it impossible to resist when I see a part-completed jigsaw on someone’s table.

Last Minute Gifts

Last Minute – Instant Vouchers There’s a lot to be said for the old practice of having a present drawer with some generic, unisex gifts. Failing that you can go online and buy a gift voucher, experience voucher, magazine subscription or book a holiday. You can buy vouchers and select to receive the voucher by [...]

Online Charity and NFP shops

Buy gifts and Christmas cards from a charity shop this Christmas. Quirky and luxury gifts that also help others.