Christmas Cards & Calendars

The practice of sending Christmas cards to all and sundry has died which is not necessarily a bad thing.  All those dead trees to send cards with impersonal messages and make people feel guilty that they hadn’t sent one back.

Now we tend to keep in touch online and we send fewer but more meaningful cards. Personalised cards, hand-made by family members or as a children’s activity are popular. Another idea is to print a photo or caricature of yourself or yourselves and make that into a card.

Another option is to send a calendar – choose a theme to suit the person and they’ll have a useful reminder of your Christmas wishes all year.

  • Caricatures: Digital or Print (from Caricature King)
    Get a professional caricature drawing of them doing what you best know and love them for – the only limit is your imagination.

    • Instant access to a selection of experienced artists
    • A unique artwork – no templates used
    • Quick turnaround, generally 10 days or less
    • A free draft stage to check on progress
    • Fast digital delivery of your original art
    • Affordable poster print or print and frame options available
    • Pay in US$, Euro or Aust.$
    • Old fashioned personal service
  • Buy Eco Green supply an amazing range of innovative eco products for home, school, office, and art & craft.  Check out their Christmas cards, tags and wrapping paper with an Australian theme