Tasks for Christmas 2020

Christmas Planning

Planning ahead can save a lot of money and frustration. It gives you time to buy or make great gifts and avoid those last minute panic buys.

2020 is going to be a very different Christmas but with some thought we can create new traditions. Everything has to be flexible enough to cope with last minute changes and restrictions.

July & August

  • Gardening – preparation for garden parties because outdoor gatherings are safer. Plant edibles for the Christmas table and green “home-grown” gifts.


  • Decide where you are spending Christmas and who you will invite.
  • Set budgets for gifts and entertaining. Have open discussions with family and friends about whether you are going to exchange gifts remembering that some will have lost jobs or businesses.
  • Make a gift list and to-do list.
  • Decide what decorations and gifts you will make. Christmas craft projects for under-5s can be found at 0to5 Christmas Activities
  • Decide on any household projects (cleaning, landscaping) and start/book as early as possible.
  • Reconsider office parties and club functions. What could you do instead?


  • Create your Christmas card/email/zoom list. Buy or order cards
  • Work on craft projects.
  • Work on household projects.
  • Check last years Christmas tree, decorations, etc.
  • Planning a BBQ? Get your supplies and even go on a BBQ cooking course.
  • Start buying gifts.
  • Write Christmas cards.


  • Post international cards.
  • Buy Christmas hampers online for best choice and early bird specials.
  • Buy or make Advent calendars for children.
  • Continue working your way through your gift list.
  • Order cakes, puddings online or from your local baker.
  • Decide on a menu for Christmas Day.
  • Write Australian Christmas cards
  • Make or buy  Christmas decorations, bonbons etc online.
  • Make any hairdresser appointments etc.


December  – second weekend before Christmas

  • School Holidays begin!
  • Housework and garden work if you are entertaining at your house.

December  – Final week

  • Final week to  buy Christmas gifts. Check each site carefully as some may have already closed. Last-minute orders for Christmas hampers. Check each site carefully as some may have already closed. You may need to pay more for express delivery
  • Be honest about any craft projects that won’t get finished and buy alternative gifts.
  • Gift stocktake – order all remaining online gifts to allow time for delivery.

19 & 20 December 2020 – weekend before Christmas

  • Final check – check gifts lists, menus, budgets.
  • Online gifts may still be available for delivery from some online shops in your city and or consider Gift Vouchers for gifts, hampers, toys, magazines and experiences.
  • Final housework and garden check.
  • Make sure you have all the groceries and toiletries you’ll need.

Wednesday 23 December 2020

  • Final check – batteries, non-perishables, wrapping paper, bonbons, etc.
  • Wrap remaining presents, check gift list again – just in case.
  • Buy any emergency gifts – experience vouchers, magazines subscriptions, gift vouchers from online gift and toy shops.
  • Get supplies of medicines, non-alcoholic drinks, etc.

Thursday 24 December 2020 – Christmas Eve

  • Pick up perishables (preferably preordered).
  • Buy any emergency gifts – experience vouchers, magazines subscriptions, gift vouchers from online gift and toy shops.
  • Check supplies of medicines, non-alcoholic drinks, etc.
  • Ensure all presents are wrapped. If you are doing the rounds on Christmas Day, make sure all necessary presents are packed.
  • Leave a gift out for Santa and Rudolph.
  • Relax.

Friday 25 December 2020 – Christmas Day

  • Avoid stress and enjoy your Christmas Day!

Saturday 26 December 2020 – Boxing Day

  • Stay away from the shops and save money
  • Research and create meals from leftovers to save even more money