How many days until Christmas – or how many sleeps? What’s the difference? “How many sleeps” sounds a bit childish but it’s far less confusing than how many days. Why?  It’s the old fencepost problem – so popular in maths questions and quizzes. Look at the timeline below for the 21st to the 25th of [...]

Christmas Tree Decorations

Bringing out the tree decorations each year is one of life’s pleasures. They are reminders of earlier Christmases and younger days. A slightly battered or scratched decoration with treasured memories attached is better than having all sterile new ones. Like anything a combination works – gradually culling the ones in worst condition while bringing in [...]

Christmas in July

Christmas in July parties have become popular in Australia – not just with northern hemisphere expats but also Aussies who grow up with that divide between the winter Christmases in films, songs and books and our mid-summer visits from an overheated Santa. Christmas in July has always been all about sharing food and less about [...]