A Snowman and Igloo in the Hot Summer Sun!

There’s a house I drive past on the way to work. Every year they put on a grand Christmas light display in their very large front garden – on the house and roof, figures standing on the ground, in the trees, even reindeer and a sleigh flying between the trees.

The other morning, I saw the man constructing an igloo – in the hot Brisbane sun. Now it’s lit up every night, and covered by day. There’s a snowman loitering nearby – I wonder what it’s made of. Most people living here have never seen snow.

A business nearby has a giant inflated Santa on the roof. He looks jolly in the morning but often wilts in the hot afternoon sun.

We’ve come a long way from the 60s when all the Christmas cards had snow scenes and reindeer and a Santa in his winter gear – an alien world to the rural Australia where I lived.

Some cards now have an Australian theme although most just avoid anything climate related.

In the past decade, Australian Christmas decorations have become more common but most are non-specific. Maybe the best solution is to make them yourself.

Can the outdoor decorations adapt too? Will we start seeing Santa dressed in his summer gear? A sandman instead of a snowman.

And what can our man build instead of an igloo or grotto? A gunyah, a beach hut, a beer garden?

Suggested  Activity: Draw or make a Christmas scene and decorations that fit your country’s climate, clothing and traditions.

More Advanced Discussion: Do you think it makes any difference if your decorations match your home country? If you moved to another country, which decorations would you use?